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The Future Ban Database for FiveM to remove leakers/rippers/unlockers






What is AssetGuard?

AssetGuard is a Ban Database for FiveM that is purposed for multi guild and has the ability to turn on auto bans when joined by the guild! AssetGuard is unlike all other ban databases, here at AssetGuard we don't ban people for no reason without proof or for the reason of not liking someone cough cough.

User Commands

check - Check if a user is banned. case - View a bans case. report - File a report against a user. appeal - Create an appeal to get unbanned. cases - See how many cases there are. bans - See how many bans there are. reports - See how many reports there are. stats - View the bots statistics. creator - Learn who made the bot. help - Get a list of everything you need to know. ping - Check to see if the bot is online. invite - Get an invite to the server. version - Learn what the current version of the bot is.

Admin Commands

toggle - Toggle your guilds ban settings. logs - Set a logs channel via ID.

Bot Manager Commands

ban - Add a user to the database. unban - Remove a ban from the database. modify - Modify a users ban. acceptreport - Inform a user their report was accepted. acceptappeal - Inform a user their appeal was accepted. denyreport - Inform a user their report was denied. denyappeal - Inform a user their appeal was denied.


Hyperz#0001 for the bot Custom#9628 for the ideas

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