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New Update Features

  1. Embeds Messages
  2. Fixed some Bugs

How to Play?

What You Would Rather? is a Guessing game where you guess one thing. Long Description short Take this example:

You typed r!rather or r!rth in short, The bot ask you to Pick one thing from it

You : r!rather Bot : What would you Rather? 1. 1930 - 2010s Cartoons 2. 2010 - 4020s Cartoons

Now you have to chose one option by typing r!opt1 for Option 1 and r!opt2 for Option 2 I have chosen Option 2 So i will type r!opt1

You : r!opt1 Bot : Nice, You have chosen Option 1

This is How you Play the Game, There are 17 Questions Total in The Bot. (Everytime new question added, The page will be edited)


  1. r!rather / r!rth - Ask you a Rather Type Question
  2. r!opt1 / r!opt2 - Select Option 1/2 from the Question
  3. r!help - Show you all the ablible commands
  4. r!vote - Load the Voting / Supporting Menu


  1. 80 Question for Freemium (Get Premium by Voting the bot and get 100+ Questions) (Still in Progress)
  2. Updated Speed so The bot can easily and fast send the messages even in 700+ Servers
  3. Shifted from 'discord.py' to 'discord.ext' for the bot to manage traffic and other things
  4. New bunch of Easter Eggs for you to find (Beacuse Easter Eggs are Cool)
  5. Using EITHER.IO API for Unlimited range of questions for Premium / Voters

Extra Info

The bot is made in Discord.py and Code is in Repl.it s' Cloud, Hosted by Uptime Robot.

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