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DJ Duck 2.0

A ducky bot which plays music inside voice channels, a lot like the popular 'Rythm' bot but it gives a ducky aesthetic to servers! Invite!



DJ Duck 2.0, is a bot made by yours truly, intrivious. This is a bot a lot like Rythm but you can choose the song from a 12 videos list to pick the song you want to hear! It also gives a ducky aesthetic to your server!

The prefix for this bot is 'dj!'.

Please type in dj!help (inside a text channel) for all the commands.

This bot won't be getting any updates unless it gets very buggy.

Getting started with this ducky is super easy! Once you've added DJ Duck 2.0 to your server you can jump in a voice channel and then do the dj!play command. After doing that command, in the channle you have posted that command, the ducky will give you the list of the top results in YouTube after searching what you gave. There should be 10-12 videos to choose from so you can do type in the numbers from 1-10 to choose a specific video with that number. After doing that the bot will be in your voice channel playing that song you chose! This won;t work unless you're in a voice channel.

As this bot is very new, there is no support server, help page, nor a website so make sure to keep checking weekly for updates on this discord bot list website!

That's it and have fun!

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