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! (Customize)

Usim bot - This bot has : Moderation (mute, ban, kick, warn and other..). Welcome&invites (shows who invited people, how much invites does they have. Helpme (Mention the staff and show voice and reason for the help, members uses this). Coins shop (you can earn coins from every message you write once at a 10 sec, and you can buy roles in the shop. btw you can customize the shop like roles and how much they cost). You can enable&disable everything you can customize the helpme (the role that it mention). There is support server for the bot with nice staff that want to help to the "customers" that using the bot. Also u can do setprefix and change the prefix. you can check the botinfo. There is a cool backup system that is work preety well.. There is autorole for people that are join the server and automaticly gets a role, this is preety cool not gonna lie.

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