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Have you ever wanted to have a gag bot that will launch 1 of 9 random responses in your server? Then you've come to the right place!



Pride Month 2021

In support of pride month 2021, the bots profile picture will have a rainbow overlay until July 1st.


When activated, this bot will send 1 of 9 random responses into the server. On special occasions, holidays, for example, the bot's responses will be attuned to the theme of the day/event. For example, one of the bot's responses is "You sunk my battleship", But on May the 4th/AKA Star Wars day, it would be "You sunk my imperial cruiser" etc. The commands for the bot are simple. the help command is "launch help", and the main command is "launch catapult". You can also fire the catapult at a target with "launch at (something goes here)". This command is no longer a prototype but still will be worked on. There will be other commands in the future and will be added to this list. The bot is named Ewok's Catapult because it was made by request from a friend. All credit for the idea of the bot goes to him. All programming is done by myself. Feel free to change the nickname of the bot to anything you like! If the bot is unresponsive, the bot is most likely getting an update. NOTE: If the word "undefined" comes up, it is not an error, it is a response loaded in the command, including special events.

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