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This robot has many features! It's like all in one! Read his description, it's worth it!







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As I mentioned, my robot has several features. It contains fun functions, eg. displays animals, it also includes instructions on how to join HypeSquad (use !hypesquad), the exact time and much more! Like every other robot, this one includes moderator functions! And they aren´t ordinary, they are advanced and can also be compared with the moderator functions of the Dyno robot. It contains purely moderator functions, I mean ban, kick, mute and warn. Then it contains secondary moderator functions like how to create a poll or delete a given number of messages. When you think this is all This robot includes basic giveaway & annoucement features! If you are a server administrator, you will definitely appreciate the Tickets functions of this robot! If server members need private support, just configure the ticket functions of robot. Use!new ticket to open a new ticket. The robot also includes Suggestion functions and Event functions. All changes on the server (mainly moderator, eg. ban) are recorded in a predetermined log channel. Also, the Premium feature includes improved annoucement & giveaway functions, channel creation, additional functions for Events and, last but not least, AFK! Isn't that amazing? One robot and so many functions! From now, you will no longer need different robot for each function, because you have the IO-504 robot! If you encounter a bug, please report it to us on the Official Support Server of the robot (link can be found in !server inv) and you will receive a point in the Bug Hunters program for reporting an approved bug. You can also join the community program on the Support server. As is mentioned, a link to the Official Support server can be found in the !server inv.

When you think this is all, you are wrong! Add robot IO-504 to your server and get to know all its functions! Use !help to view the available functions.

However it can be on a maximum of 100 servers!

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