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MultiTech is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot that has a variety of different functions such as Radio, Moderation, Soundboard and Fun Commands.






MultiTech is a bot that can do anything from playing radio stations, moderating your server, giving you crypto prices, playing sounds and much more.

Getting started

A list of all the commands can be found by doing


Name Description Usage
mt.join Joins the command executors voice channel mt.join
mt.leave Leaves the command executors voice channel mt.leave
mt.stop Stops the music mt.stop
mt.volume Changes the volume of the music mt.volume <1-100>
mt.stations Sends a list of all the supported radio stations mt.stations
mt.viewtsr Lets you view TruckStopRadio's stats mt.viewtsr
mt.sounds Sends a list of all the sounds that are available mt.sounds
mt.bitcoin Shows the current rates for Bitcoin mt.bitcoin Sends the invite to the MultiTech Support
mt.hug Hugs the mentioned user mt.hug <user#0001>
mt.coinflip Flips a coin lands on either heads or tails mt.coinflip Sends a random meme from Reddit
mt.avatar Sends the mentioned users's avatar mt.avatar <@user#0001>
mt.invite Sends the invite to MultiTech and the Support Server mt.invite
mt.botinfo Shows some information about MultiTech mt.botinfo
mt.serverinfo Shows some information about the Server mt.serverinfo
mt.userinfo Shows some information about the mentioned user mt.userinfo <user#0001>
mt.uptime Shows how long MultiTech has been online mt.uptime
mt.purge Clears the amount of messages from the channel mt.purge <1-100>


Click here to invite the bot, and click here to join the support server.

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