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Track and Report scammers across Discord Servers. Can search via Discord ID or Discord Tag. Made to help reduce scams and promote safe trade






What is DNDW.net?

Do Not Deal With (DNDW) is a term used often on the internet when referring to a scammer. We have noticed a continued trend in scamming and many methods to stop scammers involves warning others from within Discord servers and reporting to Discord directly.

DNDW Solves this problem. How?

We have created a central website, which logs and reports all the ID's and Tags of these users onto the internet. If someone searches up a username of someone they are dealing with, or uses the Discord bot itself to check the user, any active reports will be displayed to them.


#dndw check (Username/ID) - Allows you to check if any active reports are out against a user.

#dndw report - shows you the process of how to report a scammer.

#dndw search (Search Term) - Search all of DNDW for a possible scammer, off of Discord.

#dndw invite - Get infomation on the bot and how to use it in your own Discord Server.

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