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This bot enables users to vote kick users in their voice channel, is highly configurable but does not require any setup to get started.



The vote kick bot enables multiple users to kick other users in their voice channel.

This bot will allow users to deal with anyone they want whether that's a troller, mic spammer, or someone that's just annoying, this bot can save your staff time from having to deal with the user. Not only is this bot saving time, but it's also very easy to set up (see screenshots below.) The bot is highly customizable with many features that an admin is allowed to customize

To access our help command get started with +vk help

Customizable Features:

  • Prefix
  • Roles That Cannot be kicked (Usually Staff)
  • Text channels the command CAN/CANNOT be used in.
  • Voice Channels The command will ignore/or strictly allow.
  • Able to control how long a user will be temp kicked from joining the voice channel again (Currently the bot will overwrite the channel's permissions and disable that specific user from joining the channel.)
  • Enable/Disable the watermark that says (Developed by Adondriel#3126 & Casper#2300)
  • Set the voting time which determines how long it takes for a vote to be considered failed if not enough votes counted.
  • Set the percentage amount of users that need to vote for a successful vote kick. (Default is 50%)

MISC Features:

  • The help command will not display the setup command, and it will also not display the support server invite if the user is not an admin.
  • Toggle behavior for both text and voice channels.
  • Multiple Aliases of +votekick, +vkick, and +vk.
  • No setup is required by default. The bot will immediately be working on invite. Setting up just allows you to customize the bot's behavior

Future Features:

  • Slash commands support.
  • Buttons for more interactive use.
  • Pages to spice up the setup command.

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