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SteamBot is a Discord bot that gives information on users, games, and sales.

Prefix: s!

Help Command: s!help


  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Profile Linking
  • Ever-growing database of profiles
  • Monitor sales
  • Realtime info
  • See current free games


Command Description
s!userinfo <url or mention> Gets information about a steam profile. Information includes real name (if set), Visibility, Online or offline, username, profile link, and avatar link.
s!bans <url or mention> See the ban status of a user, including VAC bans, Game bans, and Community bans. Useful peace of mind in knowing who to trust.
s!link <url> Link your Steam profile to SteamBot. This will allow people to see your Steam information without having your profile URL.
s!unlink Unlinks your Steam profile from SteamBot.
s!game <game name> Provides detailed information about a Steam game, sales, and price.
s!recent <url or mention> Shows what games a user has played recently.
s!getid <url or mention> Gets the Steam ID for a profile
s!avatar <url or mention> Gets the avatar of a Steam profile


Usage of the s!game feature

Usage of the s!game command

SteamBot Linking

User lookup commands can take two different arguments. You can either use the Steam Profile URL, or if the user has linked their Steam profile, mention them.

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