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FIFA Mobile Market

FIFA Mobile Market Bot is basically a bot to get all the necessary thing you need to know about FIFA Mobile is in this bot 🍻






🤖 FIFA Mobile Market Bot

It is designed for basic stuff of market & events of FIFA Mobile

Commands which are available rn -

+check - to check your market using FIFA Mobile Market Discord Server Reference

+guide - to get latest event guide from r/FUTMobile Discord

+vguide - to get latest event video guide from Youtubers

+basic - For understand basic terms of market

+wbot - visual representation of Market bot Working

+bid - For Bidding Guide & Tips

+snipe - For Sniping Guide & Tips

+cap - For Max cap of Base cards

+ncap - For Max cap of event cards (Non-base)

+link - To get invite link of FIFA Mobile Market Discord Server

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