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Asura ✨

Asura is a Multipurpose Discord bot coded in JavaScript with Discord.js by Xenon

Asura is a Completely free bot and There are no Paywalls Blocking any Features

Asura Commands (180+ Commands)

:info~1: Info [23]

activity, admins, aliases, avatar, botinfo, channelinfo, emojis, help, inviteme, mods, permissions, ping, prefix, roleinfo, servercount, servericon, serverinfo, serverstaff, snipe, stats, uptime, whois, ratemyprofessor, vote

:fun~1: Fun [84]

8ball, afk, approved, awooify, baguette, beautiful, bio, bird, biryani, blur, blurple, brazzers, burn, cat, catfact, challenger, changemymind, circle, clyde, coinflip, contrast, crush, dadjoke, deepfry, dictator, distort, dither, dog, dogfact, duck, dungeon, emboss, emojify, enlarge, fire, fox, frame, gay, geoguessr, glitch, greyple, greyscale, hate, instagram, insult, invert, jail, magik, meme, missionpassed, mock, moustache, nsfw, pickup, pixelize, posterize, ps4, redple, rejected, rip, roll, rps, scary, sepia, sharpen, shibe, ship, sniper, thanos, thouart, threats, tobecontinued, trap, triggered, trumptweet, unsharpen, urban, tatoo, wanted, wasted, whowouldwin, yesno, yomomma, youtube

:points~1: Points [11]

bet, crown, explainpoints, gamble, givepoints, leaderboard, points, pointsper, position, totalpoints, odds

:smashorpass: Smash or Pass [4]

matches, optout, resetsmashorpass, smashorpass, unmatch

:misc~1: Misc [2]

feedback, reportbug

:mods: Mod [21]

addemoji, addrole, ban, kick, members, mute, purge, purgebot, removeemoji, role, roles, setnickname, slowmode, softban, testfarewell, testwelcome, unban, unmute, warn, warnpurge, warns

:admin~1: Admin [33]

Commands can be cleared by replacing "set" with "clear". i.e setmodlogclearmodlog

findstatus, say, setjoinvoting, setadminrole, setautokick, setautorole, setconfessionchannel, setcrownchannel, setcrownrole, setfarewellchannel, setfarewellmessage, setmemberlog, setmessagedeletelog, setmessageeditlog, setmodchannels, setmodlog, setmodrole, setmuterole, setnicknamelog, setprefix, setrolelog, setstarboardchannel, setsystemchannel, settings, setverificationchannel, setverificationmessage, setverificationrole, setviewconfessionsrole, setwelcomechannel, setwelcomemessage, toggleanonymous, togglecommand, toggletype

:owner~1: Owner [11]

blast, channels, eval, history, leaveguild, servers, setpoints, wipeallpoints, wipealltotalpoints, wipepoints, wipetotalpoints

:verified_developer: /Slash Commands

/anonymous Post anonymous message. Cost: 50 points
/confess Post a confession in confessions channel.
/report Report a confession.
/view View details of a confession.

Asura is a bot still in development. Join the effort and help us make something extraordinary.

Notable Features 💫

Sniping: Run the snipe command to show the most recently deleted text in a channel.
Confessions: Allow your users to post anonymous confessions in a dedicated channel.
Smash Or Pass: Play a game of Smash or Pass, if you get a match, make a good first impression. Users can opt-out.
Join Voting: Creates a reaction message, and when reacted to, your community will decide if the reactee will stay or be kicked off.
Points: Daily points system, every message gives 1 point, at the end of the day the user with most points is crowned, and the points are reset for the next day.
Gambling and Betting: Bet your points against other users, or gamble them with a 50:50 chance to double your points.
Roles: Sort the roles in your server by member count - Create space, by deleting the least used roles.
Afk and Bio: Very commonly used commands to set your afk status and your bio.
Activity: Shows who has the highest and lowest message count in a specified role or in your overall server.
Status Search: Finds all users whose custom status contains the specified text
Emote Management: Add / steal emotes from other servers or image links easily with a single command.

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