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A Formula 1 Statistics Discord Bot

F1 Stats is a statistics bot for Formula 1.

  • Consistent
  • In-depth Stats
  • Easy to use


Gives you all types of information & stats on drivers, constructors, standings and more!
Commands Info
f!help Gives you info on all the commands
f!circuit Provides info for the inputted circuit
f!constructor Gives you more info on a constructor
f!constructors Shows you all the constructors in a given year
f!drivers Shows you all the drivers that were in a given year
f!driverstanding Shows the current driver standings
f!invite Allows you to invite the bot to your server
f!nextrace Gives you information on the upcoming race
f!recentresult Shows you the statistics & result of the most recent race
f!schedule Shows you the complete schedule of the current season
f!setprefix Allows you to change the prefix of the bot for your server

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