Created By: stupid cat# 8160 Certified Developer

blargbot is a multipurpose bot designed to make your guild a better place.


blargbot is equipped with numerous commands, all of which are documented and categorized for your convenience.


blargbot has an in-depth and powerful custom tagging system called BBTag, which can be used to create highly advanced custom commands.


Every command can be fitted with custom role and permission requirements to give you complete control over all features.


blargbot has a built-in modlogging system, as well as commands to ban, unban, kick, mute, and unmute rowdy users. It also keeps extensive logs about user messages, which are available to you upon command.


blargbot is equipped with numerous commands to help users have a good time. For example, ship name and insult generators, dice rolling, and russian roulette.


blargbot also has an arsenal of image generation commands, which range from cat pictures to custom image captions.