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Additional Features

Find Upcoming Esports Events

OneBot finds all of the upcoming tournaments for your favorite esports titles. Easily filter by game and date to receive all of the critical info: Whoโ€™s playing, link to the stream, and a countdown timer to the start of each match.

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Esports Events

1!calendar [date] [game]

Example: 1!calendar 12/01/19 lol

Aliases: events, matches

Finds any scheduled tournaments and matches on for the specified date. If no date is specified, OneBot will show the matches scheduled for today. Custom dates must be formatted MM/DD/YY or MM-DD-YY. To only see events for a specific game, simply add the gameโ€™s abbreviation to the end of the command.

Date Arguments:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Yesterday
  • Custom Date

Game Arguments:

  • ow (Overwatch)
  • lol (League of Legends)
  • dota (Dota 2)
  • cs:go (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • fn (Fortnite)
  • cod (Call of Duty)
  • hs (Hearthstone)
  • sc2 (Starcraft II)

OneBot Meta Commands

1!help [command]  

Example: 1!help calendar

The go-to command for help and on-boarding. The help command alone shows a quick overview on how to use the bot, as well as a full list of all available commands. Running the help command with a command name as an argument shows a detailed description of the command, as well as a set of examples on how to use the commandโ€™s various features.



Shows a quick overview of information about OneBot and provides a link to Esports Oneโ€™s Discord server if you need support.


Example: 1!feedback <message>

The feedback command lets you send a message directly to our OneBot development feedback Discord channel. Let us know what you like or dislike about the bot, bugs that you run into, or features that youโ€™d like to see!

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