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A multipurpose modular discord bot


Build Status Java JDK v1.8 JDA v3.5.0

A multipurpose Discord bot
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Configuration & Usage

Creating plugins

Included Modules


Always active

Command Permission Description
help None Displays commands and custom commands
invite None Displays an invite link for the bot
modules None Displays available modules
moduleenable <module> None Enables the specified module
moduledisable <module> None Disables the specified module
moduleload <module jar> Bot Owner Load a module from a jar
moduleunload <module> Bot Owner Unload a module
restart <bot mention> Bot Owner Stops the bot
source None Displays a link to this GitHub repository
stats None Displays stats about the bot instance

Admin Module default

Administrative commands such as ban and mute

Command Permission Description
clear [amount] Manage Messages Deletes the specified number of messages from the current channel. Default is 10
ban <user mention|user id> [duration] Ban Members Bans the specified member for the specified amount of time. Default time is infinite
banlist None Displays the currently banned users and remaining durations
bantime <user mention|user id> None Displays the remaining duration of the mentioned user's ban
unban <user mention|user id> Ban Members Unbans the specified member
mute <user mention|user id> [duration] Voice Mute Others Mutes the specified member for the specified amount of time. Default time is infinite
mutelist None Displays the currently mutes users and remaining durations
mutetime <user mention|user id> None Displays the remaining duration of the mentioned user's mute
unmute <user mention|user id> Voice Mute Others Unmutes the specified member

Assistance Module default

Basic assitance commands such as remindme, define, and google

Command Permission Description
define <word> None Displays the first Urban Dictionary result of a word
eval <javascript> Bot Owner Evals the specified javascript
google <search string> None Displays a lmgtfy.com link of the search string
regex <find> <replace> <text> None Use regex to find and replace on the specified text
remindme <delay> <message> None Reminds the user of the specified message after the specified time

ChatBot Module not default

An interactive chatbot and commands

Command Permission Description
botadd Manage Messages Adds a chat bot to the current channel
botremove Manage Messages Removes a chat bot from the current channel

CustomCommands Module default

Custom commands and responses.

Command Permission Description
commandadd <name> <response> Manage Messages Adds a custom command that responds with the response field. Guild specific
commandremove <name> Manage Messages Removes a custom command. Guild specific
commands None Displays all custom commands

Election Module not default

Adds the ability to have monthly mod/admin elections in discord

Command Permission Description
election None Lists elections on the guild
electionadd <name> <day of month> <voting period> <winner count> <winner role> <announcement channel> Administrator Create an election
electionregister <name> None Register or unregister for the specified election
electionremove <name> None Delete the specified elecion
electionstart <name> Administrator Manually start the specified election
electionstop <name> Administrator Manually stop the specified election
electionvote <name> None Send a vote link to the sender

Flair Module not default

Offers per-user flairs (roles) with the ability to color and name them freely

Command Permission Description
flair None Displays a list of flair commands and their usage
flairgetcolor [user mention] None Displays the specified user's flair color
flairsetcolor <color name|hex code> None Sets the color of the user's flair
flairsetname <name> None Sets the name of the user's flair
flairlist None Lists all flairs and the users associated with them
flairimport [role exclude list] Administrator Adds the user's roles to the flair system

Info Module default

Informational commands for guilds and users

Command Permission Description
guild None Info of a guild
info [user mention|user id] None Info of a user
roles None Get roles of a guild

Levels Module not default

Levels plugin and commands

Command Permission Description
levels None Displays the xp leaderboard for the current server
rank [user mention|user id] None Displays xp, rank, and leaderboard position for the specified user
levelsignorechannel [channel mention] Manage Channels Ignores a channel for the purposes of gaining experience
levelsoptin None Opt into the leveling system
levelsoptout None Opt out of the leveling system
levelssilencechannel [channel mention] Manage Channels Silences or unsilences channels. Silencing prevents level up messages from appearing in specified channels
importmee6 Administrator Imports level data from Mee6

OhNo Module not default

Responds with an "oh no" image whenever a user says "oh no"

Overwatch Module not default

Overwatch related commands

Command Permission Description
owstats [user mention|user id|battletag] None Shows the user's level, current competitive rank, and the top three heroes for quick play and competitive by playtime
owheroes [user mention|user id|battletag] None Shows the user's quickplay and current competitive heroes in order of playtime
battletagadd <battletag> [user mention|user id] None Adds the battletag to the specified discord account to allow for mentioning
battletagremove None Removes the battletag from the sender's discord account

Console Commands

Command Usage
debug Enables or disables debug messages
pid Gives the process ID of the bot
stop Stops the bot

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about 3 years ago

when i am inviting the bot it is showing only owner can add


Sunz Demon
Sunz Demon

about 3 years ago

you cant even use it







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