Orianna Bot is a League of Legends Discord bot that allows you to easily give people roles based on their mastery points, regions, ranked tiers and more! A powerful online interface allows you specify in detail whether or not someone should be able to gain a role or not.

Want to shame all Yasuo, Zed or Vayne players? Simply set up a role that applies to anyone with at least mastery level 7 on any of the champions.
Want to organize LFG rooms based on someone's rank? Set up ranked roles and people will automatically gain their actual role. No more manual verification needed!
Want to organize your players based on which regions they have accounts in? Region roles allow you to easily do ping @EUW > @NA and piss off a whole bunch of people.

The possibilities are endless. Want to automatically give admin to everyone with exactly 129381 points on Lee Sin, provided they are also silver in Ranked 3v3 and have no more than 1 Million mastery total? Easy.

Orianna Bot also provides a fun social aspect. Built-in leaderboards allow you to compare your dedication on a champion to others and commands like @Orianna Bot points yi allow you to easily show that you being hardstuck Silver is definitely not your fault since you have over a million points on Master Yi, thus it must be your team :D