Yappy, the GitLab Monitor Commands Prefix: GL!

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Created By: datitisev# 7559

Yappy, the GitLab Monitor

Monitor your GitLab repos by adding this bot to your server, set up a channel for it, and don't miss any events!


Join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/HHqndMG Invite the bot at http://bit.ly/DiscordYappyGitlab


Prefixes are GL! (with space), custom prefix set up, or mention the bot.


  • help - a help command... yeah :P
  • invite - how to invite the bot and set up github events!
  • clean - cleans the bot's messages found in the last 100 messages
  • ping - uh... ping? pong!
  • stats - shows the stats of the bot... what else?


  • issues search <query> [p#] - search issues by any field in the channel repo
  • issue <number> - gives info about that specific issue in the channel repo
  • mr list [p#] - list merge requests by any field in the channel repo
  • mr <number> - gives info about that specific merge request in the channel repo


  • conf [view] - views the channel's config
  • conf get <key> - gets a specific config key in the channel's config
  • conf set <key> [value] - sets the key to the value, repo's value may be none to disable
  • conf -g [view/set/get] [key] [value] - view/get/set global config (using -g)
  • init <repo> [private] - initialize repo events on channel
  • remove [repo] - remove repo events on channel