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TableTennis lookup for equipment, world rankings, schedules and more!

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The main features of this bot include information lookup such as equipment and stats search and world ranking lookup. It also has some more useful features like basic moderation and fun stuff like reactions. Help

Equipment Stats

Loose Matching

Allows you to look up equipment stats without specifying what type it is (blade, rubber, etc).


Will also give you best options from each category if it isn't sure. NoResults

Category Limiting

Lets you use an optional subcommand to specify the type of equipment.


And it will retrieve the results just like before. Net

It will also limit failed lookups to that category.


Equipment Lookup

If you don't remember exactly what something was called, or you heard a piece of equipment in passing, you can just search for it with TableTennisDB.

Search Not only does it give you the best matches, it tells you how well it matched.

World Rankings

With TableTennisDB you can view all the world rankings available from the ITTF. Getting the current world rankings is as simple as doing !rankings


The command yields a paginated list that you can traverse through by reacting.

Since the ITTF also has older data, the bot can also search by certain parameters. Namely gender, age group, month, and year. More info on how to use that from the bot itself:


Example usage:



This module allows the bot to react either via message or emoji reactions to certain keywords. This can be set up by anyone in the server with manage messages permission, but the reactions will only work on that server, they do not carry over. Here's a couple good examples:

Reaction Text


Reaction Emoji


Of course these can be combined and the bot can respond via a message as well as an unlimited number of emojis.

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