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A Discord bot that allows you to easily create polls powered by emoji. Your members can easily vote for each option by add reaction.


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Simple by design

Discord bot that allows you to easily create polls powered by emoji. Simple Poll you can have up to 10 different options!

Simple Poll usage:

  • Multi answers(1-10) /poll "What's Your Favorite Color?" "Blue" "Red" "Yellow"

  • Yes / No /poll "Do you like Simple Poll?"

If you have trouble with the bot, join our support server and I will try to help!

User Reviews


Based on 39 reviews

avatar of NuggaN85
NuggaN85 2 months ago

possible to make so that the command once send it is automatically deleted after sending the poll?


avatar of swag
swag 2 months ago

i like this one its very easy and simple to use.


avatar of Ayuki Yezi
Ayuki Yezi 2 months ago

This bot is one of the most simple ones I used


avatar of Avatar Sydneyz
Avatar Sydneyz 1 month ago

Almost everyone in the user reviews : I like this bot very functional lol


avatar of OOF_awesome
OOF_awesome 1 month ago

Hi, I've been using this it is awesome but there is one thing, I want it to delete the command after you do it, but anyways it is an awesome bot!


avatar of Polish Cow
Polish Cow 1 month ago

Love the bot! It does what it says, nothing else, making it perfect to me since I normally mess up with the bots and their commands!


avatar of RAE
RAE 1 month ago

really good!


avatar of R0manEmporer๐Ÿ‘‘

Amazing. Very easy and simple to use. maybe they could even add some kind of would you rather system. But other than that, the best poll bot ive ever used.


avatar of Dan Rock
Dan Rock 1 month ago

Nice app. Although, the user can dislike and like the poll at the same time. so it may result in no effect on polling. Can it be a feature.


avatar of Secretly, Sally
Secretly, Sally 1 month ago

it's really simple and i use it on most of my servers. I can make a poll for an activity for my servers and it's really easy to use.


avatar of ze1o
ze1o 1 month ago

Very good bot!