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A multipurpose Discord bot that can make your server a bit more fun & secure. Has been completely modified time and time again.


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WWE has many great features such as:

Associating reactions on messages with a role to give users a role when clicking the reaction or removing the role when they click again. command is called: w>roles Has security checks meaning, that it can check if users who are joining the server are on discordlist bans or bans. command is called w>imgwelcome You can search youtube, giphy, wikipedia and google through the bot. for example, w>google WWE There's even a registration command for people to register to apply roles unto themselves. w>setreg Has a command called antilink which prevents users from advertising their servers and gets a warning via DM. It has a option to stop people from sending messages too quickly. and, even locks down the entire server or even one channel during a raid Has a command called: "border" that keep tabs on everything that happens on the server. Can pin messages for you. very useful for when on mobile. There's a command called voice_lock that Allows users to prevent other users from entering their voice channel and to permit some users in their voice channel. And TONS MORE. Just do w>commands to see a whole list of them.

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