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Shadow is a Moderation bot with an RPG feature it can be played cross-server.Users can interact and War with one other from there "Houses".


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Shadow is a 3 generation Discord Bot. (Each generation more advanced than the last.)

Shadow Features Moderate Moderation commands, basic "Fun" commands, an "IRC" connection (Talk to an Owner for more information), and an in development RPG. The RPG was originally hosted on stupidcat's BlargBot specifically for the Shadow Support Team, since then it was requested public and on Shadow. The BlargBot version (v.2) has since stopped development to learn, and implement into Shadow.

The Shadow RPG (S.RPG) will Feature an Economy, PvE and PvP combat, a "House War" zone (Server vs Server) and a "Guild War" zone (Faction vs Faction), and eventually Public Markets.

The 2'nd "Biggest" feature that the Shadow Community came accross were "Rifts", essentially 1 giant Channel accross multiple Servers that act Just Like an IRC!! • send msg in server x, and it appears in server y, z, a, b, c, [a-z]*1,000,000.

We accept suggestions and hope to gain a large and friendly community. (For this you'll need to use the SRPG's "Suggest" command, shadow herself doesn't have a command for suggetsions) We aren't 100% focused on code however, we take breaks to enjoy time with our online family, and play games an' the such with.

Hope to see you around!!

[Just ReWrote Application. (v.4) is not fully operational, please update Dev's of any issues you encounter.] Although we make pushes to our GitHub page we've removed the link from DBL. You may ask the bot owners for more information if you wish.

If you have questions, please join our support server!!

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