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A discord bot to help in moderating discords, as well as having some unique features. Be careful though as he may hack you back in time.

Info about Hackerbot

Hackerbot is primarily an automod bot. Typing ;automod will show all the automod capabilities of hackerbot, which includes word and name filtering, anti-spamming, forcing rule/TOS agreement for new users, welcoming users and easy to use reaction-based role joining.

A more unique feature is the ability to link 2 channels together from any discord that Hackerbot can see. The setup happens 1 way though, as in the discord the command is used in will be the destination for messages, requiring the command to be typed in both discords to obtain 2-way communication.

After adding Hackerbot to your server, type ;help to see all the available commands, also included below. And make sure to join the support server should you run into any issues.

Commands for Hackerbot

Type just the name of the command for help with that command

Admin Commands

;agreement - Used to set up an agreement system that assigns users a role upon joining and after they agree removes the role
    Usage: ;agreement [Role name] | [Channel name] | [Kick after 24h, true or false]

;alias - Can create an alias for any command. Make sure the command works before making an alias
    Usage: ;alias [add/remove/list] [alias] [Command]
    Aliases: name

;antispam - This command is user to configure the antispam filter, you can either increase or decrease the number of messages before mutting, and set custom messages
    Usage: ;antispam [part of antispam you'd like to change] [what you're changing to]

;automod - For an easy overview of the bot's automod, see what's enabled and easily enable/disable items
    Usage: ;automod [Part of automod to change] [What you're chaning it to]

;config - Configure commands in the bot to be only usable by certain roles, also set the log channel
    Usage: ;config [Command/log/command group] <Role/channel>
    Aliases: perms

;filter - This will setup a filtering system to filter words based on regex
    Usage: ;filter

;joinrole - Will assign a role to a user after joining, or after a user agrees
    Usage: ;joinrole [Role name]
    Aliases: jrole

;link - Will setup one way communication of sending messages from 1 channel to another, 2 way requires 2 uses of this command
    Usage: ;link add [destination channel] [sending channel]

;namefilter - This will filter users with names that match the word/regex filter you want for your server
    Usage: ;namefilter

;welcome - This can be used to have welcome messages for people coming to your server, leaving your server or getting banned from your server
    Usage: ;welcome [welcomemessage, leavemessage, banmessage or channel] [The message you want to display or the channel name]
    Aliases: join

Mod Commands

;ban - Will ban a user from the discord
    Usage: ;ban [User mention or ID] [Reason]

;kick - Kicks a user from the discord
    Usage: ;kick [ID or mention] [Reason]

;massban - Mass ban users from you discord
    Usage: ;massban [User ID or mention 1] [User ID or mention 2] [User ID or mention 3]... | <Reason>
    Aliases: mban

;massrole - Adds or removes 1 role to/from multiple people
    Usage: ;massrole [add/remove] [Role name] | [User ID or mention 1] [User ID or mention 2] [User ID or mention 3]...
    Aliases: mrole

;role - Will either give or take away a role depending on if the user already has the role
    Usage: ;role [mention or id] [role name]

;tempban - Temporarly ban a user from the discord
    Usage: ;tempban [User ID or mention] [Time to ban in s,m,h,d,w,y] <Reason>
    Aliases: tban

;temprole - Will give or take a role for a specified amount of time
    Usage: ;temprole [User ID or mention] [Role name or mention] [Time to give/take in s,m,h,d,w,y] <Reason>
    Aliases: trole

;unban - Will unban a user from the discord, allowing them to join back
    Usage: ;unban [User mention or ID] [Reason]
    Aliases: uban

Chat Moderation Commands

;finduser - Will search the guild for a user containing that name
    Usage: ;finduser [name]

;giveaway - Can be used to host giveaways
    Usage: ;giveaway [Time Length s|m|h|d] [Number of winners] [Prize]

;mute - Will mute a user for a specified time and either assign them the mute role or make one, typing ;mute list will list currently muted people
    Usage: ;mute [userid or mention] [time for mute in s, m, h, d]

;purge - Deletes the specified number of messages up to 2 weeks old
    Usage: ;purge [Number of messages]

;unmute - Will remove the mutted role from the specified user allowing them to talk again
    Usage: ;unmute [user ID or mention]

;warn - Warn users for breaking the rules
    Usage: ;warn [User mention or ID] [What rule they were breaking]

User Commands

;help - Displays this message
    Usage: ;help
;8ball - Ask a question and get an answer
    Usage: ;8ball [Question]

;agree - Used to agree to the terms set by the server staff in the server if set up.
    Usage: ;agree

;avatar - Will display the avatar of the user mentioned or by default display your avatar
    Usage: ;avatar [User ID or mention]
    Aliases: icon

;choose - Will randomly choose one of the options
    Usage: ;choose [option 1] | [option 2] | [option 3] ...

;group - This can be used to create groups in your discord and users can self assign themselves to different groups
    Usage: ;group [join/leave/create/delete/list/listemoji] <group name>

;info - Will display relavant info about either the user mentioned, the user who used the command, the server or the bot
    Usage: ;info [user ID, mention, "me" "server" and "bot"]

;invite - Posts the bot's invite
    Usage: ;invite

;poll - Creates a poll for users to react to
    Usage: ;poll [question] | [option 1] | [option 2] ...

;quote - Quote a message someone sent
    Usage: ;quote [message id] <channel id>
    Aliases: echo

;remind - This will remind you in the set time you want to be reminded, can have 1 reminder at a time
    Usage: ;remind [me, list or remove] [reminder]

;rewind - Picks a random message from x days ago
    Usage: ;rewind [Number of days to rewind]

;shard - Gets the bots shard info, how many shards, which shards are up, servers per shard, etc
    Usage: ;shard

;support - If you're running into problems with Hackerbot use this.
    Usage: ;support

;upvote - Gives the link to upvote and support Hackerbot
    Usage: ;upvote

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무당 벌레
무당 벌레

over 2 years ago

would this work if someone had hacked my server and took ownership away from me? would i be able to use this hacker bot against them



over 2 years ago

Acho o Bot interessante para quem tem um servidor grande ou um servidor de Comunicação.Em relação a o inglês e so traduzir os comandos mais e um bot bom para segurança .,.



over 1 year ago

How to auto mute someone when they spam?



over 2 years ago

how to add it in dc?



about 2 years ago

tf is this



over 2 years ago

that's weird







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