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Multi-purpose bot providing administration, moderation, forms creation, raid rooms, social network feeds, leveling & games, and much more!


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Used on servers both large and small, official and unofficial, built with security in mind, this actively developed multi-purpose bot is feature rich while still being flexible and easy to use.

Key features include:

  • A brand new Digimon themed game: obtain, collect and train your own Digimons!

  • Unique Form Builder module for creating guild applications, feedback surveys, bug reports, and so much more; all within Discord, and integrated with Trello to further push submitted entries to a Trello board.

  • Unique Raid Room module to allow people to create and disband temporary voice and text channels for co-op (or competitive) gameplay.

  • Scheduled commands to delay the usage of a certain command, and message repeaters/reminders.

  • Trivia module offering more than 3000 questions and 20+ categories. You can play by yourself, with friends, or arrange public trivia games as a server administrator!

  • Social networks integrations, streaming tweets from Twitter to Discord in real-time, Reddit posts and generic RSS feeds in near real-time.

  • Points based automatic and manual moderation system with half a dozen possible moderation actions, configurable rules list, extensive logging of moderation cases, and prompts to ensure moderators fill out every required piece of information on a warning for impeccable moderation documentation. The auto-moderation module also includes an experimental NSFW images detection system!

  • Self assignable roles system that includes the ability to add roles to yourself via message reactions, not just bot commands! Configure groups of self assignable roles separately to require (or forbid) certain roles for obtaining them and set a minimum and maximum number of roles in each group.

  • Deep logging of server events, including members, channels, roles, messages, server, voice, and moderation-related actions (including logging of deleted attachments).

  • New user management, including greet messages, automatically assigned roles, and automatically removed roles.

  • Social and currency system to allow users to rank up based on activity, obtain roles based on their server rank, and earn currency to use on games in the bot.

  • Custom reactions: create your own commands with your own input and output text!

  • Music: listen to music in your voice channels

  • Permissions system to configure the usage of each module (enabling or disabling modules by user, role, channel).

  • Much much more! Check her documentation website for the full list of features and commands.

Bot or Web service Developers: GiselleBot also offers an API system which can be used to get specific info from the bot, integrate GiselleBot features with other bots, etc.! The API keys are provided on requests. If you are interested in that, get in touch with the developer.

Quick Start Guide

As soon as you invite GiselleBot to your server, a few modules and their corresponding commands will be immediately available to all of your members:

  • Alarms & Reminders, Command Scheduler (!remind, !schedule, ...)
  • Raid Rooms, Trivia (!rrcreate, !trinit, ...)
  • Music, Custom Reactions (!mplay, !mlyrics, ...)
  • Currency System, Games, Social/EXP Ranking (!$, !profile, !leaderboard, ...)
  • Azur Lane & Mahjong Soul Integrations (!azurstatus, !mjsstatus)
  • Help, Miscellaneous, Utility Commands (!help, !sinfo, !stats, !shorturl, ...)

The restricted modules, on the other hand, will only be available to server administrators. These modules can be enabled to one or more roles using the Permissions System (e.g. !peem (module name) (role and/or user id(s)/mention(s))).

A few modules might need additional configurations before they are usable by anyone (e.g. the Music module must be enabled in a certain channel using !mchannel [channel id]).

Detailed info about the capability of the permissions sytem can be found in the documentation page.

If another bot shares the same prefix with GiselleBot, you can change her prefix using !prefix [new prefix].

User Reviews


Based on 7 reviews

avatar of DEX
DEX 2 months ago

I love so many things about this bot , from the bot dev's IT security background to the many giveaway options to INSTANT youtube/twitter/reddit feeds. Not to mention just AMAZING uptime this bot has. easy 5 stars and a hidden gem


avatar of NaviKing
NaviKing 2 months ago

GiselleBot is an amazingly versatile bot with deep functionality on every feature. Her social network integration is especially useful, and unique features such as custom forms and raid rooms help her stand out against other multi-purpose bots. The developer is communicative and responsive about issues and features, and truly values the community built around his bot. The support server has several emotes of the bot that he commissioned, and they're great! I recommend this bot highly and encourage people to support its development on Patreon.


avatar of Canelparne
Canelparne 2 months ago

One of my favorites. Profusion of features merged into one bot, some of them which are unique to her. 24/7 online. Staff are always active and helpful. She may look complicated or too much to set up at first but if you read the documentation, it's simple. Giselle's pretty solid at doing what she says and never disappoints. Highly recommended


avatar of DrakanShadow
DrakanShadow 2 months ago

Amazing bot, lots of great utility, and premium features are definitely worth it for larger servers.


avatar of giselleliu
giselleliu 2 months ago

I think this suits me ,alot, N I C E


avatar of Lord Fifth
Lord Fifth 1 month ago

A bit sad that Lin died, but Giselle is always welcomed to our server. Looking forward to working with her!