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A Roblox Verification bot designed to give you everything you need, without any of the fuss.


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Polaris was created to provide users with a greater degree of ease. We want you to have all the features you need, with none of the fuss.

That's why we created Polaris, with it's large feature base and more empowering tools coming out shortly, We believe we can help you do what you do.

We've hand crafted a new online webpanel to help you get your settings just right 👌 We have an open verification API and verification interface, availible here. We create powerful group management and automation tools - and open source them. Check them out


  • Web panel
  • Custom prefixes
  • Various binding options
  • Auto update - no fuss role matching
  • Auto verification
  • Nickname management
  • Getinfo command, provides blurb, account age and more
  • Guild setup command
  • More!

How to set up

Setup can be done through our webpanel. Basic configuration can also be done through the settings command, but this is about to recieve a revamp.

New discord?

Polaris can add all the ranks from your group to your discord! Run the setup command to learn more.


Join our support server for support.You can also submit bugs/suggestions there.

New features

I have a long list of new features to add, and I'll be adding them as quickly as I can. We currently have the vast majority of features which other bots have.


We now have a web site and a webpanel. Link Our terms of use is availible here

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