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Advanced Anti-Swear Bot that comes with pre-built filters, no work needed! anti swear bot

What is Censor Bot

Censor Bot is a powerful, yet simple, anti-swear bot for your Discord servers!
It comes with pre-built filters that are managed by our staff, to keep it up to date, and accurate. The bot is also super customizable via our dashboard; https://dash.censor.bot

How it works

Censor Bot works unlike traditional anti-swear bots, who add words in overtime.
Instead we create base words/combinations that can be taken as a curse, and remove words that are matched within those.
This makes it more likely catch bad words, and allows for getting rid of words it shouldn't be censoring!

Get started!

All you have to do to get this next level of clean on your Discord server, is invite the bot! And it will begin working immediately.
If you want to change any part of the bot, just head to the dashboard.
And if you have any questions/ideas, you can join our support server and our amazing staff will be sure to take care of you!

Invite the Bot
Interested in supporting us? Check out our patreon, you even get some neat premium features!

User Reviews


Based on 12 reviews

avatar of Elliott Black
Elliott Black 1 month ago

This is one of the best Censor Bots I've ever had. It's much better than Mee6 and Dyno. I mean, I use Mee6 and Dyno for Moderator commands, but when it comes to bad words, this bot is placed first. Mee6 and Dyno can't even Censor nicknames, we don't need to set up anything to stop uses from going around the bot. This bot is super easy to use. The developers listen to what should be added, and all the suggestions about this bot. So I honestly think this bot will just get better, better, and better. This bot may not be famous, but this is the best bot IN THE WORLD!!!


avatar of Egyptian_Lobster
Egyptian_Lobster 1 month ago

Easy to configure! You can use the dash to make it all your own! Simple sections allow for customization, to best fit your individual servers' needs. The developer has his eyes on the future and has a collection of ideas widely thought up by users. He listens to the users, and considers those ideas before moving forward. The future of the bot looks promising!


avatar of Shinji_Ikari
Shinji_Ikari 19 days ago

the words i put in the censer ie "test" bot are not getting deleted abs i dont know why EDIT: the admit DMed me and fixed the problem! just changed it from a 1 to 5

avatar of Censor Bot
Censor Bot 19 days ago

Hey! We're super sorry to hear you're having issues, this is definitely something that should be working! Please join our support server and we'll be sure to help you out!

Replying to Shinji_Ikari

avatar of xblast210
xblast210 17 days ago

MEE6 didnt actually censor words. This bot is awesome. I can also add new words to censor.


avatar of 《☆ 》proverbs 2717《 ☆》
《☆ 》proverbs 2717《 ☆》 12 days ago

This is the best filter bot for nasty words etc.


avatar of <Unavailable>
<Unavailable> 11 days ago

I think this bot is good, its good at finding the bad words. Now my server is a cleaner non-swearing place!


avatar of kiersten lol
kiersten lol 4 days ago

Best Censorbot I've ever used!


avatar of unique
unique 3 days ago

it's a pretty good bot


avatar of Štosdenfer
Štosdenfer 2 days ago

I've been using the bot for a few days and I'm really happy with the way it's performing! I'm using the default "Offensive" filter and it's working incredibly well, with support for nicknames, edits, reactions and basic messages. If a word comes up in our language that's not offensive, but is registered like it, I just uncensor it in the given field on the bot dashboard. There was only one conflict that was solved in about 10 minutes by contacting the support server. Very quick reply and fix!


avatar of WATER PLAYZ
WATER PLAYZ 11 days ago

WTF the pfp


avatar of EAASYY-YEET
EAASYY-YEET 25 days ago

Best censored bot ever!! simple command!!


avatar of Shxdyz
Shxdyz 1 day ago

Best bot to warn people when they curse. When i found this bot it was the best thing that happened to my server ive never seen any bot better than this. MEE6 cant even do this 5/5 starts <3