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Moveer allows you to move multiple users with text commands!


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A bot that moves users from one voice channel to another. Including locked and hidden voice channels!

We currently have 8 commands that all move users in different ways.


Moves users spread across multiple voice channels to one without the need of joining a voice channel.
(Command must be sent inside a text channel named "moveeradmin")
Example command: !cmove channel#1 @user1 @user2.


Moves @mentions of users inside the Moveer voice channel to you. User1 is required to be inside the “Moveer” voice channel.
Example command !move @user1 @user2


Moves users inside GmoveerX to you with one command. If the voice channel is named gmoveerPubg use the example command
Example command !gmove pubg

!fmove: (Perfect for Amoung us gameplay) ↓

Moves users inside one voice channel to another. Moves users inside overwatch to pubg.
(Command must be sent inside a text channel named "moveeradmin")
Example command !fmove overwatch pubg


Moves users with a certain role to you. For example !rmove dps moves all members with "dps" role to you.
Example command !rmove "super admins"


Moves users with a certain role to specific channel. For example !tmove channel1 dps moves all members with "dps" role to channel1.
Example command !tmove channel1 "super admins"


Spreads user across voice channels. For example !ymove "before games" "games" 5 moves all user from "before games" and spread them, randomlywith 5 users in each voice, across channels in the category "games"
Example command !ymove "before games" "games" 5


Best used to move everyone back to a single channel after !ymove is used. For example !zmove "games" "after games" will move all users inside the "games" category to the "after games" voice channel.
Example command !zmove "games" "after games"

Important notes:

  1. If your names contains spaces use " around it. example: !fmove "channel 1" "channel 2"
  2. !fmove, !cmove and !rmove are all admin commands and requires the command to be sent inside a text channel named "moveeradmin" (or add a secondary channel, see note 5)
  3. !gmove and !move commands sent inside "moveeradmin" moves people from any channel and removes the requirement to be inside "Moveer" or "Gmoveer". Please note that the !gmove will require the full name of the voicechannel.
  4. If you want to block users from getting moved from a specific channel, example your AFK channel while using !tmove or !rmove. Contact the moderators in the discord below!
  5. If you want to add a moveeradmin channel (with your own name) use the command !addma by writing !addma #<ChannelName>. Be sure the #tag the textchannel.
  6. Want to move more then 10 users instantly? Instead of waiting for discord to move the rest? Contact a moderator inside the support discord!

For more information use the !help command inside discord or join us with the link below ↓

Want to try it out? Got any questions or features thats missing? Join the official Moveer discord!

Join us with the following link and tag a moderator!

Invite Moveer to your discord using the link below! Happy Moving! :)

Invite the bot to your server using this LINK

The bot ONLY requires "Use members" and "CONNECT" when inviting. The reason for it requiring Connect permissions is because discord requires it. Moveer won't join you!

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Grate simulation of Zoom Breakout rooms


I use this for playing Blood on the Clocktower virtually (using !ymove and !zmove) and it has been fantastic for that.