Tired of running out of space for pinned messages? QuoteBot quotes messages to a dedicated channel.

QuoteBot Commands Prefix: @QuoteBot#6976

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Created By: Ralph# 0001


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Tired of hitting the 50 message limit for pins? Use QuoteBot to save all your favorite memories!

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Note: m denotes a mention of the bot, i.e. @QuoteBot#6976.

  • m quote <message ID> [message ID ...]: Quotes one or more messages from the current channel.
  • m quote from <channel mention> <message ID> [message ID ...]: Quotes one or more messages from the mentioned channel.
  • m unquote <message ID> [message ID ..]: Unquotes a message. (ID must be from the quote channel.)
  • m qc set <channel mention> [admin only]: Sets the channel quotes are embedded in.
  • m qc get: Prints a mention of the current quote channel to chat.
  • m invite: Prints a URL to invite the bot to your server.
  • m stats: Displays QuoteBot's statistics.
  • m ping: Pong! Easy check to make sure QuoteBot is working.
  • m reload [cog name] [cog name ...]: Reloads specified cogs or all cogs if none are specified.

Enabling Developer Mode in Discord

You need to enable developer mode to be able to copy message IDs. Here's how:

  1. Click on "User Settings."
  2. Click on "Appearance."
  3. Scroll down to "Advanced."
  4. Click the switch next to "Developer Mode."

Now you can copy message IDs. When you hover your mouse over a message, click the three dots to the right (long press on mobile). An option called "Copy ID" should show up. Click it!

v1.0 Roadmap


  • [x] Make quote command available to bot owner and admins.
  • [x] Update quote command to add reactions from original messages.
  • [x] Add invite command.
  • [x] Write help documentation for help command.
  • [x] If quoting a message with just a URL to an image, embed the image.
  • [x] Give quoted message embeds a footer with date, time, and channel.
  • [x] Add print statements for invites, database manipulation, errors.
  • [x] Add instructions for enabling Discord Developer Mode to

v2.0 Roadmap

R&D of these features will begin if/when the bot has joined 500 guilds.

Most of these features are theoretical and may or may not be implemented.

  • [ ] Refactor from commands.Bot to commands.AutoShardedBot.
  • [ ] Implement cross-guild quoting.
  • [ ] Add SQL server functionality.
  • [ ] Add more fields to the guilds table so stats can show "top" servers.
  • [ ] Implement relational table to keep track of specific quoted messages.
  • [ ] Save and attach files to quote message instead of URLs.