Fortnite last 7 days stats, Emojis, Most recent news and patch notes from games, Economy and Gambling commands!


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Fortnite stats, Emoji and Moderation commands.

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Commands List

* This list could be outdated, i recommend using >help <command> instead.

Economy & Gambling

Command Description Aliases Usage
balance Returns user balance. ba >ba [@someone]
coinflip Flip a coin with a friend and take all of his money >:). cf >cf [tails] <bet>
daily Gives you 250$ daily. >daily
dice Play dice with a bot. >dice 1-6 <bet>
leaderboard Returns list of most richest people. lead >lead
pay Send or pay to another user. >pay <@someone>
roulette Play roulette with a bot. >roulette


Command Description Aliases Usage
eadd Adding specific emoji to your server. >eadd <name> <custom_name>
eadd Adding specific emoji from a url to your server. >eaddurl <url> <custom_name>
eremove Removing specific emoji from your server. edelete >eremove <name>
estats Returns stats for edelete >eremove <name>
esearch Returns search for specific emoji. >esearch <name>
eview Returns info about specific emoji. >eview <name>
serveremojis Return server emojis list. se >serveremojis


Command Description Aliases Usage
dropping Return random location from fortnite map. f, fn, ft >f <platform> <player>
fortnite Return LifeTime stats for a player. f, fn, ft >f <platform> <player>
f7 Return Last 7 Days stats for a player. f7, fn7, ft7 >f7 <platform> <player>
fnews Return Fortnite last news. >fnews
fshop Return fortnite shop image. >fshop


Command Description Aliases Usage
8ball Ask a question and 8ball will give you an answer. 8b >8b
fact Returns random fact. >fact
qrcode Generates qrcode. qr >qr test
random-movie Returns random movie. rm >rm
rip Rest in pepperoni. >rip

Guild Owner

Command Description Aliases Usage
resetnews Resets news channels. >resetnews <game>
resetprefix Resets guild prefix to default. >resetprefix
setnews Sets channel to send news for certain game. >setnews <game> <@channel>
setprefix Sets custom prefix for a guild. rm >rm


Command Description Aliases Usage
about Returns info about bot. >about
commands Returns list of all commands. cmds >cmds
donate Returns methods to support bot . >donate
feedback Sends feedback to bot owner. >feedback
help Shows help command. h >help
invite Shows invite link for bot and support server. inv >inv


Command Description Aliases Usage
avatar Return user avatar picture. av av, >av <@user>
bio Return short bio about user. >bio [@someone]
channelinfo Return channel information. ci >ci
lastseen Return lastseen ls >ls <@user>
ping Return bot ping >ping
serverinfo Return server information. se >se
stats Return stats about a bot. >stats
userinfo Return user information. ui ui, >ui <@user>


Command Description Aliases Usage
ban Ban user from a server. >ban <@someone> <reason>
kick Kick user from a server. >kick <@someone> <reason>
purge Delete provided amount of messages. >purge <amount>
unban Unban user from a server. >unban <id> <reason>


Command Description Aliases Usage
color Generates color with provided color code. >color <color code>
dbl Show information about bot from >dbl <@someone or bot id>
imdb Show information about certain movie. >imdb dark
npm Show information about certain npm package from >npm request
quote Quote a message from current channel. >quote [#channel] <message id> [comment]
remind Makes remind for you. >remind <time> <text>
serverlist Show servers from sl >sl <name>
steam Shows information about certain game on steam. >steam <game>
steamuser Shows information about certain user on steam. >steamuser <username>
todo Just do >help todo >todo
urban Shows definition of word from urban banan
weather Shows weather for certain location. >weather hell
wikipedia Searches Wikipedia. >wiki bat