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A dedicated Discord bot for creating temp voice channels.


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PartyBeast is a Discord bot designed to create temp voice channels by simply joining a voice channel. This in turn keep your Discord server looking fresh. enter image description here


  • Setup in under 60 seconds - Honestly, from clicking "Invite" to having usable temporary channels is under 60 seconds.
  • Fast - PartyBeast creates a room and moves the user to it in under a second. Same goes for deleting empty rooms.
  • Simple - One command for setting up, one command for adding more channels.
  • Multi Room Support - PartyBeast lets you create multiple categories with rooms of varying sizes for different games or squad sizes.
  • Existing Category Support - Add temporary voice channels to any pre-existing category by simply dragging the voice channel PartyBeast creates to an already made category.
  • Separate Parents - Allows you to create have your join channels in one category and the temp rooms create in another.
  • Lock Channels - Users can lock channels to stop other people ruining their play session.
  • Rename Channels - Users can rename channels to their liking.


After you've added PartyBeast to your server type !pbHelp at any time to get more information on commands or visit the website for further support documentation.

Initial Setup:

After adding Partybeast to your server type !pbSetup to create your first Category and "Join Here" channel.
Rename them to your liking and you're ready to start partying.
You can also set the user limit on the created voice channel - any new temporary voice channels will inherit this limit.

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Public Commands:

!pblock - Locks the room so no one can join.

!pbunlock - Unlocks the room allowing people to join.

!pbrename - Changes the name of the room.

Above commands are only usable by the owner of the room.

Ownership is automatically transferred to another member in the room when the original owner leaves.

Admin Commands:

!pbsetup - Initial setup command for the bot.

!pbaddcat - Add's an additional category and Join Here room.

!pbroomname - Allows you to set the naming convention for rooms.

!pbroomparent - Allows you to set a different category parent for temp channels to the one the Join Here is in.

!pbshowconfig - Shows current configuration of channels, categories and parents.

!pbhelp - Help command.

!pblock enable\disable - Allows you to enable or disable the lock command server wide.

!pbrename enable\disable - Allows you to enable or disable the rename command server wide.

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