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SpaceX Launch Bot

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A Discord bot for getting news, information, and notifications about upcoming SpaceX launches. The notification service updates you with the latest launch information and reminders for launches that will be happening soon.


Command Description Permissions needed
slb nextlaunch Send the latest launch schedule message to the current channel None
slb launch [launch number] Send the launch schedule message for the given launch number to the current channel None
slb add [type] #channel, @user, @role, etc. Add the current channel to the notification service with the given notification type (all, schedule, or launch). If you chose all or launch, the second part can be a list of roles / channels / users to ping when a launch notification is sent Admin
slb remove Remove the current channel from the notification service Admin
slb info Send information about the bot to the current channel None
slb help List these commands None


The add command allows admins to subscribe text channels to the bots notification service. This will send the subscribed channel different types of messages, which are explained below.

  • A schedule notification shows detailed information about the next upcoming launch. This message is sent every time the next upcoming launch has changed, e.g. if a launch date is changed or if a launch just happened so now the next upcoming launch is different. Currently changes are checked for every 60 seconds.


  • A launch notification provides useful links to things such as the livestream and press kit. This message is only sent through the notification service and will be sent 30 minutes before a launch. You can choose to have a list of mentions sent to alert users to this notification.


If you want to receive both types of notification you can use all.

Currently there is no way to update the type and/or mentions you have set for a channel. If you need to change these just call slb remove and then slb add with your new options.

Example Command Usage

slb add all @me @elon slb add schedule slb add launch @everyone

New Features

See the Github project page for planned updates.

If you want to request a feature, open an issue.

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Flying tart
Flying tart

I haven't had the bot for very long, but I can safely say that it is easy to use and deserves way more votes than it has. I hope this bot grows. It's very easy to use and provides interesting information about SpaceX and what they're up to. This bot is perfect if you're interested in the idea of sending things into space and general space exploration, especially since, unless I am mistaken, SpaceX are planning to send people to Mars. Either way, it's a really good bot, well done to its creators.