Mini Rem


Mini Rem is a small looking bot with a big box opening game!

Created By: megukoo# 0013

Mini Rem is a Discord bot designed for fun and games!
To start, use the "-begin" command.
There are over 1,500 different items in the game!
With global leaderboards, data across all servers, it's a competition for everyone!
You can then start use "-boxhelp" to view help.

There are also miscellaneous commands such as:
Roblox user lookup (-rbx username)
Single emote commands (-woop)
Image lookup
Solving math problems

You can configure how she responds / acts using the "-settings" command.
To learn more about this command, do "-help settings".
To change your prefix, for example, you can run "-settings edit prefix !"
There will be lots more updates coming to her soon, so why not add her today?