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Inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Cross-Server PvP, Challenging Bosses, Completely Unique Battle System. No pokéballs, no pay-to-win.


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Battle with or against your friends with this multiplayer PKMN Discord Bot, inspired by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

Current Features:

  • Original, strategic combat system inspired by the Mystery Dungeon games, allowing for 8-player, 4-versus-4 battles on a Discord channel.
  • Hide behind teammates and the environment for cover, and counter Flamethrowers with your Water Gun, just like in the anime.
  • Play as almost any monster, each with rebalanced stats and moves.
  • 450+ attack moves and counting. Statuses, buffs, weather and support, and six move slots to mix-and-match!
  • Team up with friends to defeat tough PvE challenges, or test your skills in anonymous Cross-Server PVP.
  • Sandbox Mode - Freely set and moderate Levels, Evolutions, Legendaries and more on your servers, for testing builds and roleplaying scenarios.
  • Fully Customizable. Toggle notifications and mentions, set moderation roles, change spawn rates, enable or disable commands per channel.
  • Fully Reliable. Dedicated servers and infrequent downtime.
  • 100% Free. No loot boxes, no pay-to-win, no purchased shinies, now and forever.
  • Frequent updates on the way!

Setting up PVE

To create a PvE Area on a server channel, use the following command: pmd.m-area create pve On these channels, visiting teams will challenge members on the server, rewarding Credits and EXP for defeating them! Up to 8 PvE Areas can be created per server. Challenges will spawn more frequently on servers with several active (and registered) players.

Setting up Sandbox Mode

Set up permissions for Sandbox Mode with the following command: pmd.sandbox-options To enable creating Sandbox Mode PKMN on your server, change the 'Create PKMN' permission to your preference. Note that Sandbox Mode PKMN cannot be used for PvE Challenges. For more information, use the command: sandbox

Misc Commands

pmd.register Type this command to start playing PMDiscord.
pmd.prefix Change your desired Command Prefix. (default: ] )
]mysterygift Rewards Currency and EXP for voting every 12 hours. (Optional skip-vote command included.)
]notifications Turn level-up notifications on or off.
]mentions Enable or disable PMDiscord from sending you @Mentions.

PKMN Commands

]profile Displays your current PKMN, level and stats.
]credits Shows your total number of Credits (currency).
]hatch Create a new PKMN.
]pkmn Check all of your hatched PKMN.
]pkmn choose <pkmn-name> Choose a PKMN to be your Active PKMN.
]pkmn pin <pkmn-name> <0-3> Pin a PKMN to the top of your PKMN list.
]pkmn options Change your PKMN's settings, such as their Nature and name display.
]pkmn release <pkmn-name> Release a PKMN.
]evolve Evolve your current PKMN.

Battle Commands

]practice Starts a private, one-on-one battle against the CPU. Practice battles do not reward EXP.
]practice hard Starts a private, one-on-one battle against a challenging CPU.
]party Creates a Party on a Discord Channel, to set up multiplayer battles.
]join <red/blue> Joins the Red or Blue Team in a Party.
]leave Leaves a Party or Battle. This can be used at any time.
]partylist Shows a list of players in a channel's Party.
]start Starts a Party Battle.
]start pve Starts a Party Battle against CPU opponents.
]start hard-pve Starts a Party Battle against challenging CPU opponents.
]pvp Check the status of PvP Queues and all Cross-Server PvP Battles in progress.
]pvp queue Queue for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battle against other Servers.
]addcpu <red/blue> Adds a random CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]addcpu <red/blue> <pkmn-name> Adds a certain species of CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]addcpu <red/blue> <@mention> Adds a player's currently-chosen PKMN as a CPU.
]addhardcpu <red/blue> Adds a more challenging CPU PKMN to the Red or Blue Team.
]challenge <@mention> Challenge another player to a private, one-on-one battle. (WIP)

Info Commands

]dex <pkmn-name> Look up details of a specific PKMN, including their unique PMDiscord stats.
]movedex <move-name> Look up details of a specific PKMN Move.
]examine <pkmn-name> During a battle, check the stats of another PKMN.
]hp During a battle, check the current Health and Status Ailments of all PKMN.
]next During a battle, continue a CPU PKMN's Turn, or check remaining time for your current team's Turn.

Moveset Commands

]moveset Check your PKMN's Moveset.
]moveset <add/remove/set/default> Edit your PKMN's Moveset.
]moveset <pkmn-name> During a Battle, displays another PKMN's Moveset.

Help Commands

]tutorial Explains the basics of a PMDiscord battle.
]guide Explains the features of PMDiscord in greater detail.
]help Lists all of PMDiscord's commands.
]help <command-name> Lists details of a command and what it does.

Sandbox Mode Commands

]sandbox Lists available Sandbox Mode commands, including Sandbox management commands.
]sandbox pkmn Lists your current Sandbox PKMN on a Server.
]sandbox list Lists all Sandbox PKMN from all members on a Server.

Moderation Commands

]server-options Toggle server-wide options, including Guildmaster, Moderator and Captain roles. Requires Owner or Guildmaster permissions.
]sandbox-options Toggle server permissions for various Sandbox Mode features.
]c-close Forces a Party or Battle to close immediately. Requires Captain permissions or higher.
]c-decline Declines a PvE Challenge. Requires Captain permissions or higher.

If you enjoy PMDiscord and would like to support the project, consider joining our Official Server, and becoming a Patron via Patreon. Talk with us and have a say in which new features get added soonest!

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