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A community bot that has point system for using voice channels and posting memes, plays music, and posts joins/leaves.






!commands gives a list of commands. RockBot propagates memes between discord servers. Just have a channel named memes (highly recommended to be nsfw) and rockbot will propagate memes posted in other discord servers to your server and vice versa. RockBot will also allow users to accumulate points for posting memes which they can then use to buy items in your rust or minecraft servers (more game servers and ui to connect them to rockbot is in the works. requires manual entry atm, just reach out to Rock on the support server to get this set up). RockBot can also have custom commands (also requires manual entry atm), play music, and even tell you the weather! (USA zip codes only for the moment). Have a channel named joins and another named leaves and RockBot will let you know who joins/leaves (respectively) your server!

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