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A Moderation bot for all your needs! Also has music commands and other fun things!


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Welcome to DevlinBot! I am mainly a Moderation bot that also allows you to play Music and execute some fun commands!


  • Info:
    help Displays the general info message
    cmds Displays the Command help message
    info Displays information about the bot
    invite Displays my invite link and Discord Support Server
  • Music:
    join Makes the bot join your Voice channel
    leave Makes the bot leave your Voice channel (Temp Disabled)
    play search term Searches YouTube and then plays it
  • Fun:
    kill @user Shoots the mentioned user!
  • Misc:
    say message Sends out a copy of your message (Needs User Perms)
    tts message Sends out a tts copy of your message (Needs User Perms)
    embed message SSends out an embedded copy of your message
    nick name Allows you to change your nickname
    unnick Allows you to remove your nickname
    afk reason Allows you to toggle your AFK status (Reason Optional)
    update.afk reason Allows you to set your AFK message
  • Moderator Only:
  • Moderation:
    mute @user Mutes the user mentioned in your server (Temp Disabled)
    kick @user Kicks the user mentioned from your server
    ban @user Bans the user mentioned from your server
  • Cleanup:
    clean number Purges the amount of messages specified
    s.clean number Silent Purge the amount of messages specified
  • Setup:
    [WIP] setchannel #channel Sets your servers channel for various messaging events from the bot
    enable.module_name Enables the module mentioned (Currently only nick + music)
    disable.module_name Disables the module mentioned

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