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Take fun to a new level ! With BlindBlue, you can play Blindtest with several themes !



Do you want to liven up your server? Do you want to organize games to test your friendship with your fellas? Do you want to check both your reaction and culture?

Then BlindBlue is made for you!

This bot includes multiple themes - and many more are under creation! You can directly play on your server.

  • Movies: You're a Marvel fan? Or maybe you're more into DC Comics? Anyway, you'll love this one! From Inception to The Lion King by many genres like action, sci-fi, spy and more...

  • Series: Well, you think you're cool because you have both Netflix subscription and Amazon Prime one? Ah, check this one out and try to beat them all!

  • Animes: Sasage yo! Sasage yo! Shinzou wo sasage yo! Common guys, better learn and spend a lot of time on Crunchyroll for this one!

  • Games: Let's test your knowledge about the Steam library. Hope you'll not be beaten by your friends!

We also provide 80's, 90's, 2000's songs, K-pop and more other themes.

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