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Server backups, reaction roles, voice-text linking, temporary channels, welcome messages, image only channels, and much more!


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Temporary channels, welcome message placeholders, server backups, timed locks and more are here! Check out the changelog here: https://docs.channelbot.xyz/changelogs/changelog-11-27-20

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ChannelBot is a feature-rich Discord bot with tons of features, in-depth channel management, useful utilities, a dashboard, and much more! With ChannelBot, you can build the community of your dreams!

😀 Invite ChannelBot by clicking here
⚙ Manage ChannelBot on our dashboard here
❓ Get support or ask any questions in our support server
📘 Read our docs to learn how to use certain features


ChannelBot has tons of useful commands and features to help you build your community! Here are some of the most used!

• Server Backups & Setup

Completely backup your server's channels, roles, permissions, and messages, or, if starting a new server, completely setup your server from our templates!

• Reaction Roles

Setup roles that users can get from reacting on certain messages.

• Welcome Messages

Welcome new users to your server by sending them a welcome message!

• Temporary Text & Voice Channels

Allow users to create their own voice channel by joining a certain voice channel! No need to worry about clogged channel lists anymore.

• Voice Text Linking

Give users access to a text channel when they join a certain voice channel.

• Time Locks & Hides

Temporarily lock or hide channels in your server

• In-depth Channel Management

Almost every channel setting can be modified easily with a ChannelBot command!

• Dashboard

Manage ChannelBot on your server with our dashboard!


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avatar of wuper
wuper 2 months ago

Great bot for server management! Tons of commands that make setting up and maintaining your server a whole lot easier!


avatar of alpha
alpha 1 month ago

this bot is incredible. i just recently created a server and it has helped me so much in terms of organizing things the way i wanted and numerous fun and helpful features. i highly recommend getting this bot to keep things tidy and maintaining your server.


avatar of DrakanShadow
DrakanShadow 1 month ago

Suggest staying away from bot if you already have an established server and to stay away from the server backup feature. Ended up having to remake luckily just a test server from scratch, forbid if I tested this in the actual server with 10k members. Backup isn't really a true backup, recreates channels and just deletes everything. Temporary lock function fails to unlock as well. Only gets two stars because of being able to use templates to setup a server.

avatar of ChannelBot
ChannelBot 1 month ago

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback! We're happy to help you out with the issues in our support server, as this isn't the place for support.

Replying to DrakanShadow

avatar of ChannelBot
ChannelBot 1 month ago

Hi there! We're happy to help you in our support server. https://channelbot.xyz/support

Replying to Sniper Faruk

avatar of The Watcher
The Watcher 24 days ago

All in all just an ugly twin of https://top.gg/bot/550613223733329920, containing some extra "features". You guys even have the "you-need-to-vote-thing" implented. The only reason to use it is, when the other Reaction Roles Bot stops working for no apparent reason Two stars because it WORKS (though it's even slower than it's brother/s).

avatar of ChannelBot
ChannelBot 24 days ago

Sorry you feel this way! We aren't only a reaction roles bot, and if you are having issues, feel free to join our support server so we can help.

Replying to The Watcher

avatar of Reeses Poofles
Reeses Poofles 11 days ago

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avatar of ChannelBot
ChannelBot 11 days ago

Hi there! Feel free to join our support server so we can help you get the bot working!

Replying to Reeses Poofles