Multilingual bot that shows Overwatch SR in nicknames, tracks BattleTags and SR history of members and manages your voice channels

Created By: Joghurt# 2732

Orisa is a Discord bot that solves a problem an Overwatch community I'm a member of had: people who want to play as a team in a Quickplay or competitive match always had to ask for each other's BattleTags and - in case of competitive - rank.

Orisa solves this problem: people can message her to register their BattleTag, and other players can now ask her for each others BattleTags, Orisa also regularly checks Blizzard's site to update the member's nicknames to include their current SR (or rank).

As an added bonus, she tries to motivate people by publically congratulating them if they manage to increase their competitive rank (Silver -> Gold etc.)

She also can manage voice channels and create them on demand, and show fancy SR graphs


  • Multilingual: Orisa can be configured to speak German, French, Spanish, and a lot more languages
  • Shows the current role SRs and/or rank in nicknames, e.g. somenick [2344-2554-3020]. Users can configure what is shown by using flexible format strings
  • Allows people to track their SR and display a SR graph
  • SR is automatically updated whenever a player stops playing Overwatch while being in Discord, and also every few hours
  • Supports multiple BattleTags per user
  • BattleTags are registered via OAuth, so you can be sure that the BattleTag really belongs to that user (except for PSN)
  • Finds (registered) players in a given SR range
  • Congratulates every player when he/she reached a new personal best rank
  • Can manage voice channels and create them on demand, e.g. "Comp #2" will be created when "Comp #1" has members in it
  • Can show the SR range of people in the voice channel name, e.g. "Comp #1 [2104-2340]"
  • Has a findplayers command that can suggest people in a specific SR range
  • Can be configured via a web interface
  • Tries to be as user friendly as possible: has an extensive help and gives suggestions.
  • Uses fuzzy search whenever possible, !ow oirsa will still find and display the BattleTags of the user named "Orisa"
  • Has been called "the best Overwatch Discord bot I've seen" by at least 2 people
  • Might have been called "a stupid Omnic I do not trust" by Zarya
  • Is not evil; it won't even try to eat your cat