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Manage mentions easier and tell people when your AFK!




AFK is a powerful Discord bot that allows you to manage mentions, and tell users when you're AFK!

Mention management

When a server uses AFK, users and server owners can individually control mentions. Hate ghost pings? (coming soon -->) When turned on, all mentions will be logged to a channel, plus if they are AFK (!!afk), the mentioned user will be directly messaged with mention details (such as server, channel, user, message content, and the time of the mention).

Automatic AFK system

Had to quickly rush out and do some shopping or something? While away, you can set you're AFK status by typing !!afk. Once on, any mentions will be directly messaged to you (with the same details as before), and the user will be notified you are AFK. You can even provide a reason for going AFK, which will be provided to the user as well.

Individual + default user settings (soon!)

More coming on these soon!

So what are you waiting for? Invite AFK right now or test it out in the official server!

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avatar of ˞˞
˞˞ 1 month ago

great and use full bot


avatar of Moo 🐮
Moo 🐮 6 days ago

This bot is down and doesnt work. Good thing there are other AFK Bots