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View what commands BloxBot has and see what they do.

Roblox Commands

Command Layout What it does
♦️ RBXUser RBXUser (Roblox Username) Searches the user and brings up info about said user and their picture. The info includes, status, bio, friends numbers, follower numbers, following numbers, and RAP.
♦️ RBXAsset RBXAsset (asset ID aka place, shirt, gear, etc.) This searches assets and brings up information like costs, sales and the description along with a picture of said item.
♦️ RBXGroup RBXGroup (Group Name) This searches the group and brings up the owner and the description of the group.

Fun Commands

Command Layout What it does
♦️ Say Say (Whatever you want the bot say.) ⚠️Disclaimer: Only works with the perm "Manage Messages".⚠️ Make the bot say anything.
♦️ 8-Ball 8-Ball (Any question, should be a yes or no question.) Ask's BloxBot your question and gives a response.
♦️ Insult Insult (@anyuser) ⚠️Disclaimer: Do not take seriously.⚠️ Insult people with funny statements.
♦️ Doggo Doggo Get a picture of a cute dog!
♦️ Catto Catto Get a picture of a cute cat!

Other Commands

Command Layout What it does
♦️ Ping Ping Measure the latency between the bot and Discord.
♦️ Website Website Get a link to the bot's website.
♦️ Stats Stats Shows information about the bot such as its uptime.
♦️ BotInvite BotInvite Get a link to invite the bot to your server.
♦️ SerInvite SerInvite Get a link to join the support server.
♦️ About About Shows information about what the bot does & creators.

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