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I do not feel like continuing supporting my creation. Servers are down

Also, bot has reached unverified servers cap. Verification process is postponed until I feel like improving my bot again

Original description:

This bot is built to help you find people who would love to play with you. By using a set of few bot's features you can find somebody to play with you

1. You can add games to list and then vote for them to let others know that you want to play specified game. In case at least two votes have been made bot will notify that you have a match

2. If you are waiting for someone to become online, you can ask this bot to notify you when specified person is back at discord

3. And finally if you want to grab someone's attention you can do that. By using lure command, bot will send a DM and a mention of specified user to the chennel. Note, this cannot be used to spam as you can use it only two times an hour. Additionally user can disable ability to be "lured" by the bot. What's more server administrators could ban specific users from using this command or disable it completely.

Here is a hint how to use this bot:

📝 Use --add <game name> to add the desired game to server's list of games
📢 Use --vote <game name> [optional: time] to let other know that you want to play that game. Specify time in hours that determines how long you want your wish to last. Defaults to 2 hours
❌ Use -- clear <game name | all> to cancel your vote. Use all if you want to comepletely discard all your votes
👋 Use --waddup to see the full list of desired games on server
🔔 Use --notify <@Username> to get notification when specified user becomes online
🌍 Use --invite to get link to invite bot to other servers
🙌 Use --lure <@Username> to grab user's attention. You can only use this command two times an hour. Can be configured. Be careful as it can annoy user if used irrationally
🌙 Use --silence [optional: time] to silence all lure requests addressed to you. If time is not specified, such mode will last forever
☀ Use --desilence to enable notifications disabled by --silence command
🤔 Use --help to see this hint again

⚙ Configuration:
Command --config <property> <value> [optional: value] can be used to configure server specific options. Requires admin or server manager previleges
--config lure-ban <add | remove> <@Username> bans specified user from using lure command
--config lure-ban set <0|1|2> specifies who can use lure command. 0 - everyone, 1 - previleged members, 2 - no-one

⚙ Use --debug <reset | denotify | clear <game name> > to manage bot on this server/channel. Only for advanced users, requires admin or server manager previleges

When at least two people voted for a specific game, they will be notified that they have a match

Made with :heart: by Link0

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