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Fun utility bot replaces asses after people "lmao". Create custom filters/commands, play music, moderate, create images, and more! 60+ cmds~

About Lmao-Bot

Lmao-bot is a fun, multipurpose bot meant to replace people's asses when they say "lmao" or "lmfao". You can add custom filters as well for any word or phrase you want. It also serves as a utility bot with music, moderation commands, probability commands (including coins, dice, cards, and 8-ball), fun image commands, and custom message commands.

When someone says "lmao" or "lmfao" in the chat, the bot responds with the following message:

You appear to have misplaced your ass while laughing. Here is a replacement: 🍑

This message, along with the automatic 🍑 reactions the bot gives, can be disabled or made to happen randomly instead of all the time. I personally recommend setting the chance to 1%, especially if you're on an active server, so that it's always unexpected when the message comes.

The bot was created in June 2018 by Firestar493#6963. Its prefix is "lmao", but the prefix can be changed from server to server.

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Full List of Lmao-Bot Commands

Bot Management
Command Description
lmao prefix If the bot's command prefix is not "lmao", this returns the current command prefix.
lmao help Returns a list of commands for lmao-bot to your DMs.
lmao uptime Shows how long lmao-bot has been up for as well as the time for the next maintenance break.
lmao ping Sends the bot's latency (ping).
lmao prefix new_prefix Changes the bot's command prefix to new_prefix. Available to server admins and lmao admins only. Default is "lmao".
lmao info Gives a brief description about the bot, including an invite to the support server.
lmao invite Need ass insurance in other servers? Invite lmao-bot to other servers you're in!
lmao support Sends an invite link to the lmao-bot support server.
lmao vote Like lmao-bot? This gives you a link to vote for it on Discord Bot List!

Lmao Message & Reaction Settings
Command Description
lmao toggle chance Changes the chance of automatic ass replacement after someone laughs their ass off to chance percent. Default is 100%.
lmao on Changes the chance of automatic ass replacement to 100%.
lmao off Changes the chance of automatic ass replacement to 0%.
lmao lotto Changes the chance of automatic ass replacement to 1% (spicy setting for spicy servers).
lmao react chance Changes the chance of emoji reaction features to chance percent. Default is 100%.
lmao chance Returns the chance of automatic ass replacement and the chance of emoji reaction features.
lmao count Counts the number of times you have used "lmao" or "lmfao".

Command Description
lmao play Plays the first song in the song queue.
lmao play number Plays song number number from the song queue.
lmao play search_term Plays the first result from a YouTube search for search_term.
lmao play url Plays music from a given URL url. Works with many video sites, including YouTube and Soundcloud.
lmao connect voice_channel Connects the bot to a voice channel named voice_channel. If voice_channel is not specified, the bot connects to the user's current voice channel.
lmao nowplaying Shows information about the song currently playing.
lmao np Does the same thing as lmao nowplaying.
lmao next Ends the current song and plays the next song in the queue.
lmao skip Does the same thing as lmao next.
lmao pause Pauses the current song.
lmao resume Resumes a paused song.
lmao volume percent Changes the volumes to percent%.
lmao vol percent Does the same thing as lmao volume.
lmao loop Play the current queue on loop.
lmao queue Returns a list of all the songs in the queue.
lmao q Does the same thing as lmao queue.
lmao q add song Adds a song (URL or search term) to the end of the queue.
lmao q remove number Removes song number number from the queue.
lmao q clear Clears the current queue.
lmao playlist Shows the list of playlists.
lmao pl Does the same thing as lmao playlist.
lmao pl playlist_name Shows the songs in playlist_name.
lmao save Saves the current queue to a playlist.
lmao load playlist_name Loads playlist_name to the queue..
lmao pl remove playlist_name Removes playlist_name from the list of playlists.

Moderation and Administration
Command Description
lmao adminlist Sends a list of everyone who is a lmao administrator.
lmao addadmin member Makes member a lmao administrator. Available to server admins and existing lmao admins only.
lmao removeadmin member Removes member from the lmao administrator list. Available to server admins only.
lmao purge num_of_messages Purges (deletes) the most recent num_of_messages number of messages from the text channel.
lmao mute member Prevents member from sending messages (mutes member) in a given text channel.
lmao mute time member Mutes member in a given text channel for time (in minutes).
lmao unmute member Allows member to send messages (unmutes member) in a given text channel.
lmao kick member Kicks member from the server.
lmao ban member Bans member from the server.

Fun Commands
Command Description
lmao say message Has lmao-bot say the message you want it to say.
lmao booty Sends a random SFW booty image in the chat.
lmao moon member Moons the mentioned member with a SFW booty image.
lmao beautiful member Lets a mentioned member know that they're beautiful with a frame from Gravity Falls.
lmao ugly member Lets a mentioned member know that they're ugly with a frame from SpongeBob.
lmao garbage member Lets a mentioned member know that they're garbage with a cute cartoon of a garbage can.
lmao triggered member Warns people to stay away from a mentioned member; they're triggered!
lmao victory member Displays to everyone member's Victory Royale.
lmao wanted member Puts member on a WANTED poster.
lmao whosthat member Who's that Pokémon? It's Pika-er... member?
lmao seenfromabove member Voltorb? Pokéball? Electrode? Nope. It's member, seen from above.

Command Description
lmao avatar mention Sends an image of the mentioned user's avatar.
lmao someone message Pings a random person in the server with your message.
lmao urban term Provides the definition for term on Urban Dictionary. Only works in NSFW channels.
lmao lmgtfy what_to_google Provides a nifty LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) link for what_to_google.
lmao vaporwave text Turns text into text.
lmao clap message 👏 Add 👏 some 👏 claps 👏 to 👏 your 👏 message. 👏
lmao remind Sets up a reminder. After the amount of time you specify, you will be DM'd your reminder.
lmao reminders Lists all your reminders.

Probability Games & Commands
Command Description
lmao coin number_of_coins Flips number_of_coins coins. If number_of_coins is not specified, one coin will be flipped.
lmao flip number_of_coins Does the same thing as lmao coin.
lmao dice number_of_dice Rolls number_of_dice six-sided dice. If number_of_dice is not specified, one die will be rolled.
lmao roll number_of_dice Does the same thing as lmao dice.
lmao card number_of_cards Draws number_of_cards cards (without replacement) from a standard 52-card deck. If number_of_cards is not specified, one card will be drawn.
lmao draw number_of_cards Does the same thing as lmao card.
lmao pick option1, option2, ... Picks one option out of several given options, separated by commas.
lmao 8ball Provides a response from the Magic 8-Ball.
lmao guess start Starts a number guessing game with a random number from 0 to 100.
lmao guess number Guesses a number in an ongoing guessing game.
lmao guess giveup Gives up an ongoing guessing game. Only use this if you're a quitter.

Custom Commands
Command Description
lmao add command_name command_text Adds command_name as a custom command, which prints command_text when executed.
lmao edit command_name command_text Edits a certain command, command_name, to instead print command_text when executed.
lmao delete command_name Deletes a certain command, command_name.
lmao list Lists all custom commands.
lmao command_name Prints the message associated with the custom command command_name.

Custom Filters
Command Description
lmao filter Lists all the custom filters for the guild.
lmao filter add Adds a custom filter in the guild. When someone says a given word or phrase in a channel, lmao-bot automatically replies with a message.
lmao filter edit Edits a custom filter to say something else.
lmao filter options Change the options (flags) of a filter. Flags include nomention, casesensitive, wholeword, and chance.
lmao filter remove Removes a custom filter.


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