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A multiple purpose bot with commands that no other bots have!


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Let me introduce you to Xan

  • Xan is a multi purpose (mainly focussed around memes). The bot has multiple original commands that no other bots have, for example x!sad <text> and x!ty.
  • We think it's important to develop new and original commands to attract new users to the bot so we are constantly trying to improve and add new original commands.

What's discord.fun?

  • Discord.fun is a small team of young developers who love to make bots and other digital stuff, for example, like our website.

You said original commands, which ones are original?

  • Sad, this is so sad... can we hit 50 likes?
  • flipcoin, flip a coin (includes image to make it clear what it means)
  • cmute, blind someone from the channel (beta command)
  • hypixel, retrieve information about the given user.
  • overwatch, retrieve informaton about the given user.
  • minecraft, see the given user his name history/skin/current name/original name
  • meme/deepfried/showerthought, pulls posts from these amazing subreddits
  • And more to come in the (near) future.

All commands

  • For information about all the commands click here

Why should you add Xan

  • It's a bot with original commands which could spice up your Discord server and add some originality to it.

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