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Love beards? Now you can see beards all around the world!


bb! (Customizable)
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Little Info:

Beard Bot is the only Discord Bot on the offering that randomly finds other beard images and posts them to your Discord Guild upon request. This Bot is still in Beta so if any issues are found, please add me on Discord and they shall be resolved.


bb!help - Shows you these commands but in a nice reaction navigated menu.

bb!about - Tells you information regarding the bot itself.

bb!serverinfo - The bot will gather statistics from your server and send them in a nice message.

bb!prefix - Allows anyone with the 'Manage Server' permission to change the bot's prefix.

bb!ping - Returns the Bot's ping response from it's server to yours.

bb!invite - Sends the invitation link for the bot.

bb!contributors - Shows you the people who helped create this bot.

bb!beard - Shows you a random beard image from the internet.

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