DBL Vote Commands Prefix: dbl? (customizable)

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Created By: Xavinlol# 0001 Certified Developer

DBL Vote

Track Votes for your own Servers listed on top.gg/servers and reward upvoting users with a configured role (optional).
We also support tracking votes for your own Bots listed on top.gg


If you vote for this bot and you are in the Support Server (or join it after), you'll get the 'VIP' Role for 2 days

Bot Role

Make sure the bot got a seperate role (other than the @everyone role) on your Server!
If you invite me through my Invite Link i get a new Role called "DBL Vote" assigned from Discord


Make sure you didn't disable private messages.
Once you invite this Bot to your Server you will get a private Message with some Information about the Bot.
If you dont get that information you can private message the bot with 'dbl?info'

If you want to track votes for your server or your own bot you have to set the channel and if wanted the role for user who upvoted your server/bot first. If so type 'dbl?help set' to see all the options.

The set command is only available to the Server owner and people with the Administrator Permission
The default prefix is 'dbl?' which you can change 'dbl?help prefix' for details.


You can configure 1 role which will be granted to users who upvoted your configured bot (if they are in the Server)
This role will be taken away again after one day (default) from the user

Example to set the Voted role (considering you have e.g. a existing role called 'VIP Member')

  • dbl?set role voted VIP Member

Example to configure the days to remove the role again to 5 Days: (0 = never - 31 = max)

  • dbl?set role remove 5


You can set a log channel for the bot (to track new votes)

  • dbl?set channel log YourChannelName

Prefix (dbl?prefix newPrefix)

Keep in mind that i will replace Whitespace characters and the '@' sign

Help Menu

'dbl?help' will show all commands for your permission level
'dbl?help commandName' will show you the details of a specific command


A person with the Admin permission (or the Server Owner) can execute every Admin command and below
Everyone else can execute the Everyone commands

Everyone Commands (Click me)
Command Function
@DBL Vote To see the prefix + Server Bot Settings
Help Show Help command
Ping Am i still alive?
Reminder @bot Get a reminder once your vote for the specified bot is ready again
Vote @bot Show your current voting status for the mentioned bot.
Widget Shows you the DBL Widget of a mentioned Bot
Admin Commands (Click me)
Command Function
Server Configure/Remove your server to track votes for
Bot Configure/Remove a bot to track votes for
ListRoles List all roles + ids of the Server
Prefix To change the prefix
Secret To see or change the secret of a bot
Set Set the Roles for upvoting users (+ days to keep the role) or the log channel


If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat