A multiple purpose bot including RuneScape fun and utility commands. Fun image & Rank/competition/game commands.

Created By: Apple# 2002

RuneScape Features: Stats searchup, account analysis, account tools, item searchups, comparison tool, fake image manipulation, general RuneScape tools to help gameplay. Other Features: Event feature, Custom commands, Meme commands to generate yourself in chat, profile card to show overall user information, minigames to play versus people in chat, competition games, automatic moderation, fun commands

Commands: ,f [Message] - Pay respects ,pfp - Check others avatar ,profile - Check your profile & others ,rep - Rep your friends (shows on profile) ,start - Start a speed typing minigame ,stats - Search your RuneScape stats & others ,xp - Search your overall RuneScape XP ,xpto99 - Show the XP needed to get a 99 in a level ,setrsn - Set your RuneScape username (useful for other RuneScape commands) ,combatlvl - Shows combat level of runescape account ,combat - Shows combat status of a runescape account ,rsn - Check your rsn and other peoples (useful for communities) ,pet [rsn] - Makes a fake pet screenshot to fool your friends ,ely [Killcount] [rsn] - Makes a fake ely drop screenshot to fool your friends ,pm [message] - Makes a fake private message from your username choice ,enable add - Enables the custom command plugin ,add [tag_name] [message_content] - Creates a custom command that can be used in the server ,del [tag_name] - Deletes the custom command ,item [item_name] - Searches the item price and other information ,setcalendar - Sets event calendar ,event [Boss_name] [in_how_long] - Creates a message that gathers the people for a RuneScape event, also PMing the gear setups ,whoscoming - Shows you will be attending the event ,play [song_name] - Plays music ,queue - Shows the music queue ,np - Shows that is playing ,upgrade [name_1] [name_2] [name_3] - Creates a meme with your command ,button [option_1] [option_2] - Creates a meme with your command ,mirror - Gets the last image sent in the chat and puts it on the mirror (Creates a meme) ,8ball [message] - Self explanatory ,invert - Inverts the colors of the last image ,dice [max_number] - Rolls a dice 1 - the max number