Created By: wow13524# 2792

Invite-Role Bot

What Can it Do?

Invite-Role Bot is able to automatically assign roles to new users based on the invite URL used!

Includes a few easy-to-use commands to help you get started!

Default prefix is ~

Commands List:

  • ~help: Returns a directory of all commands that I support!
  • ~prefix: Changes the prefix for me on your server! Requires the Administrator role
  • ~invrole list: Returns a list of all connected invite URLs and roles! May include SENSITIVE INFORMATION; Recommended to use in staff channels only Requires the Administrator role
  • ~invrole connect URL ROLE: Connects an invite URL to a role, assigning the role to whoever joins using the given invite URL! (URL = Invite URL used to join the server; ROLE = Mention of the role to give) Requires the Administrator role
  • ~invrole disconnect URL: Disconnects the given invite URL to all roles it is connected to! (URL = Invite URL used to join the server) Requires the Administrator role
  • ~invite: Returns an invite link for other users to add me to their server!