Yin Bot


A multipurpose bot with random sentence generator, random YouTube video generator, auto mod (manual blacklist) function, etc.

Yin Bot Commands Prefix: y.

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Created By: Yin4TheWin# 8857

List of Commands:
y.help: Help command.
y.ping: Pong! Checks if the bot is online and responsive.
y.pong: Ping! Pings you.
y.yt: Gives you a random link out of a selection of curated YouTube videos.
y.sent: Generates a random sentence that is grammatically correct.
y.wacky-sent: Generates a random sentence that may or may not be grammatically correct. For the lulz.
y.source: View the bot's source code.
y.add word: Adds a word to the blacklist for this bot, where word is the word you want to blacklist. All blacklisted words will be automatically deleted when detected. Racial slurs are automatically included in this blacklist.
y.list: Shows a list of blacklisted words. Make sure you're in a private channel when you do this!
y.invite: Shows the bot's invite link.
y.art1: Shows you a beautiful piece of art.
Bot is still under construction, more features will be added!