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Add a little flavor to your sever.


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Add a little flavor to your server.


NOTICE: The FLVR Bot Program will be officially decommissioned on 21 Oct 2018. Please contact the owner for more details. CLOSE


FLVR is lightwieght and able to stream any YouTube video or Spotify song you throw at it. Flavor has some fun commands as well.

Use flvr:help and flvr:info for more information on how to use the bot. This bot is currently in public beta so contact @RecyclingBin#8726 to report bugs or anything. If it lags simply DM RecyclingBin or one of the Networking Managers to get it resolved. This bot is consided the stable Public Beta flowline. If you want access to the Canary Flowline contact us. This line, for the most part, is completely stable.


The current supported commands include...
  • flvr:help - General Help information and commands
  • flvr:support - Lists support documents and server info
  • flvr:info - General info and introduction message
  • flvr:ping - Pings the bot
  • flvr:broadcast [msg] - Echo's the message and deletes the sender's message (equivalent to !say for other bots)
  • flvr:invite - Generates invite link
  • flvr:play [YouTube_Link] - Plays a song in the voice channel the sender is in.
  • flvr:stop - Stops the song, purges the playlist, and exits the channel
  • flvr:voteskip - Either skips the song (if there is only one client in the channel) or votes in favor of skipping the song
  • flvr:playlist - Loads the playlist (BUGGY)

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