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A Discord bot which searches for (and displays) queries in any message.







Polybius is a Discord bot which searches for (and displays) queries in any message. Although primarily used to search Wowhead entries, it is modular and extensible to use different sites (with the suitable scraping logic).

To look up a query (default settings), simply surround the query inside double-square brackets, [[like so]].

Resources & Support

Command List

<required arguments>, [optional arguments]

  • @Polybius -help [command]: Displays helptext, either general or for a specific command.
  • @Polybius -blacklist <channel>, @Polybius -whitelist <channel>: Configure which channels aren't tracked (blacklist) or, if defined, the only channel(s) to track (whitelist).
  • @Polybius -bot-channel <channel>, @Polybius -clear-bot-channel: All results (regardless of blacklist/whitelist) can be configured to be posted to a specific channel.
  • @Polybius -view-filters, @Polybius -view-bot-channel: View the current blacklist/whitelist, and the current bot channel.
  • @Polybius -set-token-L <str>, @Polybius -set-token-R <str>, @Polybius -set-split <str>: Customize the tokens to monitor for search queries.
  • @Polybius -view-tokens: View the current tokens used for search queries.
  • @Polybius -reset-server-settings: Reset all settings back to default, as if the bot has just been added to the server.
  • @Polybius -version: Displays the (most recent) release the running bot is built from, and the first few characters of the commit SHA.

Required Permissions

  • Read Message History: Respond to queries in posted messages.
  • Send Messages: Reply with search results.
  • Embed Links: Display the search results inside embeds.
  • Add Reactions: Use reactions as button workarounds.
  • Use External Emojis: Use custom buttons from own server.

See also: License and Acknowledgements.

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